Tax & Estate Planning


Taxation is an important issue to all Canadian business owners and operators. WPG can help you plan and implement optimal tax strategies based on your corporation's unique position and structure.

As part of your tax planning team, including your accountant, lawyer, and business planners, we can provide you the expertise and investment/insurance products that can help you take greater advantage of differential taxation rates in order to maximize the benefits of tax savings.

Please contact us for further details on how proper tax planning can be of benefit to your business.

Whether personal or corporate, we can help you develop an efficient tax planning strategy that will enable you to decrease your taxes by employing a number of tax avoidance strategies.

By working with your accounting specialists, we can provide you with a plan for the development and implementation of tax efficient portfolios, tax deferral plans, and income splitting techniques.

Please contact WPG for further information on tax strategies and techniques that can be implemented to help you in reduce your current and future personal taxes payable.

Our team has extensive experience in personal and corporate tax return preparation. We can assist not only in the preparation of your annual returns but also provide valuable insight into tax-saving strategies. Our knowdegeable staff is available to work with you with either simple or complex tax situations. Additionally, should you require our assistance, we will act on your behalf and discuss your situation with CRA directly.

It is common for people to avoid issues relating to their own death, but it is a vital component in developing a fully viable wealth management plan. WPG can help you overcome any hesitation about estate planning and help you develop and implement your estate plan.

Without proper estate planning, a portion of your assets could be unnecessarily lost to taxation, estate administration, and probate fees, eroding your estate and decreasing the value to your beneficiaries.

Because of the complexities of estates, it is important to establish a proper estate planning team, including a lawyer, accountant, and financial planner to help in the development of an appropriate and effective estate plan.

Common estate planning goals include:

  • Smoothing the transfer of large assets at death (ex: Cottage or Business)
  • Leaving money to charity (bequest)
  • Decreasing taxes payable at death
  • Setting up trust fund accounts
  • Ensuring survivors are financially secure

As part of your estate team WPG can help guide you through the estate planning process and provide you with the necessary financial estate planning products and services.