Segregated Funds and Annuities


WPG distributes a variety of segregated funds offered and managed by some of the largest insurance companies in Canada.

Segregated funds offer the additional benefits of being governed under the Insurance Act and carry a death benefit and principal guarantee that mutual funds are unable to offer.

In most cases, segregated funds are generally protected from creditors during bankruptcies and may bypass estate taxes on death.

As wealth planners, we consider each client's needs on an individual basis and segregated funds may be integral to achieving your investment, retirement, and estate planning goals.

An annuity is a contract between two parties, the issuer and the annuitant. The issuer agrees for a stipulated premium to make (fixed or variable) payments to the annuitant at defined intervals starting on a certain date and lasting a defined length of time.

Annuities are distributed by insurance companies, and are commonly formed by converting a pension or retirement fund (RRSP or LIRA) into an annual income.

For instance, an RRSP account may be converted into an annuity at age 71 as an alternative to investing into a RRIF account.

WPG can help you determine your annuity needs, and whether or not an annuity might be an effective planning product to fit your needs.