Agricultural Solutions


WPG has a proud tradition of providing our services and experience to the rural markets of Manitoba, with established offices located in the towns of Brandon and Deloraine. Our presence and involvement in these communities has helped us to develop a keen understanding of the financial and personal needs and challenges faced by agricultural families and businesses. Among the many planning solutions that we can provide to help you and your family in the achievement of your life goals include:

WPG has the knowledge and experience to help you with the development of an individually tailored estate plan. By developing and implementing an estate plan, we can help to ensure the proper transfer of both your personal and business assets upon death. Some common estate and succession planning issues faced by families within the agricultural sector include:

  • Ensuring the transfer of your business to your children, and the continuation of your families farming heritage
  • Providing an inheritance to your non-farming heirs
  • Providing efficient transfer of estate assets avoiding unnecessary probate and tax costs
  • Establishment of testamentary trust accounts to manage estate assets

Making sure you are protected from any unnecessary risk, and properly insured to protect your family and your business interests. W.P.G. can provide you with a complete line of insurance strategies and products to meet your planning needs. Our insurance products and services include:

  • Disability Insurance: Protecting you from lost income resulting from a temporary or permanent disability
  • Life Insurance: Insuring your family will be financially taken care of and be able to continue their current lifestyle
  • Creation and Implementation of Buy-Sell Agreements: Helping you in the transfer of your business to members of your family, or other partners

Retirement and Investment Planning is about setting realistic and achievable goals that allow you and your spouse the opportunity to enjoy your golden years without having to worry about how you'll meet your post retirement income needs. W.P.G. can help you achieve your retirement dreams, and provide you with a workable retirement plan taking your individual needs into account. Our retirement and investment planning services include the following:

  • Helping you to quantify your retirement goals and development of a workable retirement savings plan
  • Implementation of an investment strategy to help you meet your retirement and investment goals. This strategy may include products such as RRSP accounts, and segregated funds
  • Providing you with the tools and information to sell or transfer your farm property at retirement to maximize your return and minimize taxation

Taxation plays an integral part in the lives of all Canadians. WPG helps you develop an efficient tax planning strategy that will help you to decrease and defer the taxes payable by yourself and your business.

By working along with your accounting specialists, we can provide you with a plan for reducing your overall tax bill by use of some of the following tax minimizing techniques and methods:

  • Ensuring tax efficient investment portfolios
  • Use of tax deferral plans, such as RRSP accounts, to minimize current tax payable
  • Developing income splitting plans to transfer earnings to lower tax bracket family member
  • Decreasing your overall yearly business taxes payable
  • Maximizing tax savings upon the transfer of your business